Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Unique Soft Network and IT Solutions has designed a simple, easy and user friendly Vehicles and Equipment’s Management system for your today’s and future business needs. This solution will bring a great business impact on your daily routine jobs and will minimize the job of management with limited manpower and will enhance the work productivity for your Vehicles, Transport and Equipment’s Operations Management.

Software Features:

  1. Track Vehicle & Equipment’s Availability.
  2. Reserve Vehicle or Equipment’s for particular Project and Customer for particular days.
  3. Track Vehicle Operation History.
  4. Track Vehicle Expenses.
  5. Alerts on Vehicle Registration, Insurance and Security Pass Expiry.
  6. Track Vehicle Maintenance & Service History.
  7. Track Vehicle Mileage History.
  8. Track Vehicle Violations History.
  9. Track Vehicle Other Details.
  10. Track All Drivers Details
  11. Track Current Status of Vehicle.
  12. Manage and Print Reports and History in PDF. Excel.
  13. Insert all related documents within each vehicle and equipment
  14. Manage Contacts and Customers.
  15. Manage your Accounts, Expenses, Invoice, Purchase orders and bank checks tracking.
  16. Manage Reports as per your need and requirement.

Key Benefits:

  1. Access your business information from any ware and any time.
  2. We host your application in our cloud to connect your multiple sites for 24 x 7.
  3. No need to invest on huge IT. Infrastructure to manage your business application.
  4. Backup responsibility of your business data on Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis is our responsibility.
  5. Maintenance, Modification and Upgrading of your application is very easy as per your business needs.
  6. Manage Multiple Companies in single platform.

Subscription Pricing

Our customer support team is ready to assist you at any point of business hours. 7 days a week and 360 days a year Purchase the subscription as per your business needs on monthly quarterly or yearly basis.