Application Development

Application Development

We strive to create lasting impressions by establishing a genuine relationship that help us in solving our client's issues both visually and interactively.

Creativity, We make it personal

We work directly with you, providing personalized, unique solutions that cater to your area of business. We are committed to expanding our client’s business capabilities while becoming a trusted partner for their future growth.

Our expertise includes but not limited to application development platforms such as File Maker Pro, (.NET), Java, J2EE, PHP, etc.

Transform your inflexible, obsolete and aging legacy applications to achieve high performance. With vast experience in cutting edge technology frameworks, Unique Soft application services help you incrementally evolve your core business applications towards modern technologies.

Want to develop applications on modern frameworks, as compared to some legacy technologies? or want to move your infrastructure to cloud? Unique Soft can help.

Assess, Plan, Implement!

Develop an understanding of the applications in your business niche
Review them to assess any constraints and dysfunctions they may have
Identify opportunities to modernize them
Analyze all available options for application modernization
Migrate to an optimized standards-based environment
Eliminate redundancies by consolidating applications


We test across all functionalities for speed and scale in order to ensure that your application can support a massive surge of traffic without compromising the user experience.