Embassy Management Services

Embassy Management Services

As public handling is very challenging for any entity, epically for Embassies to manage their work with an efficient and user friendly way to provide the best services to their citizens, outside companies PRO’s, foreigners to apply for visa’s and other different services towards Embassies.

Main problem citizen’s face is to visit their embassies from different cities of Emirates several times to get the matter resolved. Once this is enhanced by online method via Embassy Web Portal with proper explanation and workflow procedure, this makes job very effortless & manageable for people.

With one year of case study, hard efforts and gathering public opinion,Unique Soft Networks has designed State-of-the Art System to fulfill Embassies requirements in simple, easy and user friendly way. Followings are the main modules:

Key Features:

New Visa Application and Visa Summary

This module can help all foreigners to apply for Visa online via Internet or offline by visiting the embassy, a common area can be defined with network computers and they can directly fill the form with attachments and take printouts with bar code application, Signed and submit to the counter.

Internal Telephone Directory

In different situations internally in Embassy. Staff needs to communicate with each other. Our solution has an internal telephone directory feature to search or locate staff easily. It can also store the common shared numbers with company name.

Professionals and Daily Visitors Data

Every Embassy needs the data of their country citizens by their Profession, Industry type and contact details to be followed up for different occasions & requirements. We have integrated this function with Emirates ID card and Business Card Scanner, which help to fetch the values in seconds into Embassy Management System. This eliminates the cumbersome process of hiring data entry staff.

Complaint Box

Electronic Complaints box will assist Embassy to follow up with their citizens’ complaints for the relevant section and enhance productivity in each department. Additionally, the option to record voice will support every educated or illiterate citizen to submit the complaint directly to their Ambassador via electronic dashboard.

Deported Citizens to Home Country by Preparing Out Pass

Embassies every year receive multiple cases of undocumented and criminalized citizen who face deportation in several countries. Their next action is often to deport these citizens back to their home countries due to legal charges overseas. In this case, Ministry of UAE make lists of several caught citizens and sends to their relevant embassies to prepare their out pass. Embassy relevant personnel visits them in jail twice every week to get feedback from relevant person. Our solution has compiled the entire procedure in IPAD to make it manageable electronically.

New Born Baby Form

New born baby registration is very important for every citizen, in this module citizens can apply online and fill all the necessary information, print the form with bar code and bring into embassy for further attestation.

Dead Bodies Process

In case of death either by accident or illness, Embassy is responsible to prepare the necessary documentation to transport the deceased to their home country. Our solution includes an efficient system where this procedure is easily managed to decrease processing time for transportation of deceased citizen.

Education Matters

Students / Engineers can now file and submit documents online via our system to reduce processing time for degree equivalency or attestation of documents at the Embassy.

SMS / E-Mail Alerts

On the expiry of passport and home country National ID. Card, an alert SMS can go to citizen two months before to renew prior expiry. This will reduce lots of problems for those citizens who travel to home country and airport authorities inform them that your passport has expired and they rush embassy for urgent renewal which disturb embassy time and citizen travelling as well.


In this module you can manage the record of all embassy staff, daily attendance, home leave process and passport, visa and emirates id expiries alerts staff master of embassy staff will show the full details of staff from date of join till retirement.

Key Benefits:

Connecting community with each other will be much easier than before
Multiple embassy visits will be reduced for citizens, which will reduce embassy’s rush
Embassy staff will be free enough to concentrate more for providing best public services
Making online will reduce a lot of paper work & will make job simple
Internal reports function for each section/Department will reduce work for embassy staff
It includes the document management function which saves all the attachments within the application
Tracking of any request/application will be very easy
Embassy can see at a glance all of its citizens by their profession & industry wise & can invite for different events or can send them SMS/Email as a bulk, this will be very productive for country business & improvement

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