IT Staffing

Helping You Access IT Resources and High-Level Expertise More Cost Effectively

We recruit and retain the industry’s best and brightest talent that provides us the opportunity to deliver successfully, in time and within scope. We believe that to remain competitive in the global marketplace recruiting must be a fundamental business function that is ongoing.

We have created our Supplemental IT Staffing division. This division taps into our robust internal recruiting effort to offer the best technical and subject matter experts to our clients.The benefits are real and measurable.

Unique Soft's corporate culture is all the way an advantage that helps our clients achieve success. The following are a number of Corporate Highlights:

• 87% on time, in budget delivery
• 10% attrition across the enterprise (industry is 35-40%)
• FIlemaker Business Alliance Partner in UAE
• Certified Filemaker resources
• 2 offshore Development Facilities in South Asia

Unique Soft has improved process efficiency for many customers by providing a wide range of IT solutions. Our value-added managed services can help you achieve the results you need. With dedicated Unique Soft personnel attending to your business as usual operate environments; your IT staff can manage other critical technology concerns more efficiently.

To find out more about how Unique Soft’s Managed Services can enhance your organization’s IT experience, please contact us for a complementary assessment.

The Benefits:

• Technical evaluations by Unique Soft’s own technical people
• The best technical talent available in real time
• Industry professionals with industry know-how
• Monthly scorecard on performance
• Monthly contractor evaluations