Property Management Software streamlines real estate investment management operations, analytics, and financial reporting. Organizations can automate financial and general ledger consolidations through complex ownership structures, and track and manage capital allocations at every level. Additionally, automation of recurring lease administration activities – such as rent escalation, renewals, and periodic postings – saves time and effort and frees up capacity for more strategic tasks. Leasing processes will be accelerated along with increased occupancy and tenant retention rates resulting in growth in revenues.

Our eProperty helps you manage your multiple properties, tenants and maintenance work at one centralized portal. The single, integrated database provides complete transparency, accurate analytics, and detailed property management reports including vacancy, tenancy and payment reports. This helps property owners and managers to make more informed decisions based on consistent real-time views of their properties.

Key Features

  1. Contract Management
  2. Manage Multiple Properties
  3. Tenant Management & Tracking
  4. Maintenance Management
  5. Asset Management
  6. Payment tracking & Alerts
  7. Vacant Apartments Report
  8. Customized Reports
  9. Suppliers Database
  10. Purchase Orders
  11. Help Desk Service
  12. Documents & Contract’s Expiry Alerts
  13. Document Management for tenants & Properties
  14. Inquiry Management


  1. 1 Year free cloud hosting
  2. 1 Year free maintenance
  3. Connect your multiple branches 24x7.
  4. Free cloud server maintenance & backups
  5. Access the software on iPhone and iPads
  6. Access the software 24/7 from any geographic location