Generally Interior Design companies have to deliver drawings, specification documents, prepare BOQ's and keep the track of the projects. These tasks have conventionally been done in Excel by majority of the interior design companies. People have to input the data manually and this leads to mistakes that can be very costly to the project and the company if not caught in time. Also, to avoid this staff have to be well trained and technical which has a cost implication.

iDiseno is a market leading software for Interior Design Industry, It helps to reduce plenty of man hours and efforts to design and track the projects for client/customers and prepare BOQ, booklet for Interior Designers, CAD Engineers and Site Architects to implement the project. The design, menu and contents of iDiseno can be updated and changed as per the company requirements.

It is highly beneficial and simple to switch over to iDiseno as it saves time, reduce the chance of human error and the cost of data required in data entry and spec writing. A group of Designers, CAD Operator and Engineers can work at the same time on the software from their machine.

Features & Benefits:

Allows Interior design companies to save the time and cost of hiring a technical staff, that would prepare the specification documents.
Streamlines the specification process and organizes fit out and FFE documentation under various sub-categories
It gives access to an extremely large database of suppliers and specification information like (Details, Images, Materials)
The dashboard is easy to use and allows designers themselves to do the specification documents quickly and efficiently.
It eliminates the errors and reduces human efforts.
Preparing Finishes & Fit out work sheets electronically in just one click.
Managing all categories for FF & E,Finishes Fit outs like (Partitions, Doors & Iron, Wall Finishes, Floor Finishes, Ceiling Finishes, Sanitary Fittings, Internal Signage, Fitted Decors Lights and many more)
Prepares electronic booklet for design development phase, final design phase and construction design phase.
Prepares the summary sheets, spec sheets, cut sheets with pictures and complete specification of each category item.
Manages suppliers and manufacturers contact database of each category.
iDiseno also works as document management system, it can attach all kinds of documents related to the project, like files of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, JPEQ and PDF.

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