Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System

In a so busy growing business situation it is too difficult to manage plenty of Business tasks without professional business tool to control your business needs in a simple, easy, cost effective and user friendly way.

Unique Soft has developed a state of art system for Vehicle / Transport Management Industry for your todays and future business needs. This solution will bring a great business impact on your daily routine jobs and will minimize the job of management with limited manpower and will enhance the work productivity for your business.

Our unique solution will make you addict to it, due to it’s simplicity and user friendly interface and will helps in reduction of more human efforts for your business needs.

Software Features

  1. Reserve Vehicle or Equipment’s for particular Project and Customer for particular days.
  2. Insert all related documents within each vehicle and equipment record, in PDF, EXCEL or JPEG.
  3. Manage your HR, Accounts, Expenses, Invoice, Purchase orders and bank checks tracking.
  4. Create Invoice & Follow-up Payments and update payment status.
  5. Create daily, weekly and monthly income and expenses reports.
  6. Alerts on Vehicle Registration, Insurance and Security Pass Expiry.
  7. Track Vehicle & Equipment’s Availability.
  8. Track Vehicle Maintenance & Service History.
  9. Track Vehicle Operation History.
  10. Manage and Print Reports in PDF Or Excel format.
  11. Track Current Status of Vehicle.
  12. Track Vehicle Expenses.
  13. Track Vehicle Mileage History.
  14. Track Vehicle Violations History.
  15. Track Vehicle Other Details.
  16. Manage Contacts and Customers.
  17. Track all Drivers Details.
  18. Fleet Management.

Key Benefits

  1. Multiple Companies can be managed on single platform.
  2. Business data backup on daily, weekly & monthly basis.
  3. Our cloud hosting services will help you to connect your multiple branches 24x7.
  4. No need to invest on huge IT infrastructure to manage your business application.
  5. Easy Maintenance, Modification & Upgrading of your current lagacy application (if any).
  6. Manage & access your business any time from any geographical location by any device.
  7. Contact Management & Customer Satisfaction Audit Document Management, Finance (cost centres, cost codes)
  8. Planned Events Diary, Resource and Skills Register
  9. Shift and Rota Patterns & Supplier Register, System & User Queries & Authorisation Levels & Asset Lifecycle History